As an immigrant from Russia, we were thrusted into what we refer to as the “school of life,” coming from a home with a broken and unhealthy dysfunctional dynamic. Instilled with poor beliefs, childhood trauma etc. Ultimately growing into adulthood with emotional turmoil, depression, anxiety, fears, insomnia, phobias, living in constant emergency fight or flight mode. thusmanifesting into an unhealthy toxic relationship, financial downfall, emotional physiological breakdown, eventually hitting rock bottom. The journey to healing began when the pain became bad enough that solution to numb and patch up the pain was not an option. I inevitably realized I had to take matters into my own hands and do the work from inside out.Little did I know that the higher intelligence and the universe was pushing me to discover my inner gifts, talents, and that the darkest of the moments were a blessing in disguise, which led me to achieving inner peace, flooded with constant flow of love, joy, inspiration, appreciation for life, And over all harmony.


I do not approach counseling from a medical model, my goal is to push the client and to reconnect the individual with their inner deepest sense of authentic self, by providing tools to tap in to one’s inner voice of the universe, the higher, self the divine, and helping them become who they truly are , by healing past traumas, childhood, abandonment wounds and core and false beliefs that we were taught about ourselves. When that happens, a constant river of love, aliveness, joy and inner peace starts to flow.


As your coach in my counseling, I provide a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space via zoom, phone call or in person for your level of comfort and convenience. The master life coaching degree comes from transformation academy and thousands of hours invested into spiritual teachings, education in mindfulness, meditation and more. I believe in fostering a strong and trusting relationship, where you feel heard, understood, and supported.